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Snake Catcher

Play it safe - Let the expert do the catching!
Luke the Snake Catcher


Qualified, Certified, Insured, Experienced. You're in safe hands.


A true Noosa local. Luke has lived here all his life. He knows the area very well!


Local business know and trust Luke to do the job safely and efficiently. 


Located in Doonan, Luke can attend most calls in the district very quickly 

About Luke

I’ve been passionate about caring for animals all my life. I remember looking after lizards, snakes, spiders, centipedes and scorpions, as well as the usual dogs, birds, rats and fish. Setting up Snake Catcher Noosa was a natural progression. Caring for snakes and looking after people is my dream job.

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Snake Catcher


Many people who encounter snakes on their properties aren’t always sure if they are venomous or not. It is advisable to call a professional snake catcher just to be on the safe side.  If you live in Noosa, the hinterland or surrounding areas, the person to call is local snake catcher Luke Huntley.

While it is true that most encounters involve non-venomous snakes, you should never assume that the snake on your property is non-venomous. You’ll be gambling with your life and the lives of your family members if you try to remove the snake on your own.

Luke Huntley is a registered and certified snake and reptile handler, servicing the Noosa Shire and surrounding areas. He has the relevant equipment required to properly catch and remove snakes from your property. Luke’s skill and experience ensure both venomous and non-venomous snakes are handled safely. He can identify the different snake species, and implement safe solutions in controlling venomous snakes. As a local snake catcher in Noosa and surrounding areas, Luke can get to your location quickly.

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